Manufacture laughters

هههههم نمككعقفحعع

Want a break...

thats what we need lol jess

its like he's thinking ahh I'm so drunk

Altar wird der pesofen sein

das ist ein Mann

thirsty much??

nur ein bißchen Bier darf man doch

tt finto, ritoccato e copia e incolla!

do it do it do it do it do it do it do it yayayay

para aliviar mi cruda

Save some for dinner

he was thirsty

o kadal daj

that's about how I feel right now

so cold....

gehs noch größer

safe water drink beer


enerschi dfhdjdhgbhrhruuuu

по пивасику


Juhu ig steig um auf dosenbier :)

a big drink

opití chlap

i want that

little much

Good morning frnds

zona ganjah

para q no aguante sed amiguis

this is the reaction to Shannon waldok farting

nur noch ein bier am tag...

now that's big beer

fuck it im drinking it

this guys got to be an alco??

kohamada mole


Chug chug chug chug wooooôoooopooh yea

muctho boa hemmm

it be right choice

YUM ITS RUM..... Wait its beer :(

Just a little bit

i dont get what u meanbr7***

the doctor sed one beer a month... I took that as a challenge, haha lol

save sum 4 me asshole!!

una cervecita

Sample size