Manufacture laughters

it a kitten

very big dog die that little hut.

a circle with a point

little dog, fat guy # jk

is that a puppy or kitty?!?!

the dog needs to get bigger or the man gets smaller

dog is in leash, cause if it runs owner can't catch it

lustige bilder

süßer hund

Leute macht so weiter

I'm bigger than u that means I'm higher on the food chain GET IN MY BELLY

its so adorible

poor dog poor dog

hahaha the guy is to big and fat and the dog is so small hahaha

lustiges baby

armes Kätzchen

ха ха ха

a little kitten and a big person

:-) ;-) :-D

süß o wie lieblich

he's fat and the kitten is tiny

aww the kitty is s cute!!!!

hopefully he's still alive


Dont sleep with me ill roll over

cute awwwwwwwww

ein ungleiches Paar

brattan ati po ideiu arsttan wigar

got the C mixed with the R

what is that?

ik en mijn hond

cat, meet my foot

Manly with a little m

it's teeny haha LOL

its a cat :-)

lol its a cat huh

poor, poor cat. I hope he doesn't accidentally get sat on.

sorry for that dog

I feel sorry for the dog what if he skises him

Should I just eat this little fucker?

is the dog tiny or is the man big ?!

lol that's a cat

That dog is tich comper to that man lol