Manufacture laughters

It's posts like this that make surfing so much plausere

ymar teneg yom be? ha ha ha

manoj LAWA

а. я. курю

Ora mi fumo una bella sigaretta

четал крабы отличные чемпионы по курению

lol >_<¦¦¦

so di.boa ei.popota.


кристина бяка

looks like somebody likes smoking

rauch weiter

don't smoke

курим все

ihhhhhh....achso die raucht.. hahah wie dumm

aku dah dewasa blh merokok

no smoking please..

Now we know why he's the symbol for the Cancer sign

built in roach clips lol


omg!!!! bad crab.....or is it a lobster

that's funny

ha very good for health if u take two cigar at onevtime.

i had him for dinner

no wonder there snappy

tifid bi2e,mm,ya nadam ya nadam...

what the heck


this is not cool

crabs do love to smoke