Manufacture laughters

Kai und deiner.

ich habe auch so einen hund


porque boltiado

ooooommmmmgggg fffuuuucccckk

lol viel glück das du trifst

Really funny

yeh kuta kia. dikha raha he?

wrong way mi dawg

thats a way to pee on a post

wie behimdert

der hat Stile beim pissen

hehe cute and funny little guy

видали пацаны 3года в цирке был

Twerking dog... nice

das ist coll

ich muss mal

that just looks wrong mate

대박이네 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

twerk little dog TWERK!!!!!!!

still not a panda

für whats app

Hallo Leute

i can do that

betcha can't twerk it like me bitch.....

tryin to leave his mark up there with the big dogs.

fuckin dog peeing on my tree

twerk little doggie TWERK!!!!!

faz quadradinho de 8

pee normally

what is it doing???!!!!!!

but he would pee on himself in that way

climben down tis tree climben down tis tree!

what up butt

x dang brekkk

my dog does that 2 exept he does yoga in the grass wile peeing

what better way to go to the bathroom

pug a rific

see d style of dis dog

when a mf sends you for spin tell them to kiss your ass

Fucking the tree

Holley molley

have a piss the right way

Fi fi roup setup

Hs hs hd hd o fi f

Hs high d irc f nd hd kef jg li ek fi f

poopin on cat in tree

one hundred and twenty

я хотел пописитбь

doggy style

Lol show off

Holley crap