Manufacture laughters

Dump her and marry her best friend.

der arme Kerl


face ismaelporoaraujo@hot..... é..... ta desativado .....

haaaaaaa porpose


Voll die agro tante aber cool

that's how you sing a lullaby nighty night

Regardez cette vidéo,une belle jeune fille qui assome son amoureux

okey??? hat die leiden ??


todos todos

putos de lutos la nena por el guro

amor feo y pdndejo

asi sera cuando te declare que me gustas??? jejeje

хах мальчик хотел делать предложения а она мододчина волк

I love the ring and I will keep it but I hate our gutts so I will hit u with this mini guitar

rahil charag

na ja nich alle sagen ja

std83*** is trying to communicate what do we do

he was proposing to her. I saw the full video

She was not ready. Princess of the MOOGs.

he was probably like, blah blah I love you and she was like, aww, now shut up, boom