Manufacture laughters

tropa de esquilo

I'm the hero...!!!


чуство когда ктото в биде


iai vaencara p

that's nice

elena aragno

хомяк. арестом

это ответ на ваш оскал

dun dun dun!!!

то чувство когда друг в беде

so patrao nao funcionario

ansarou dine or hezbolah?

my nigga my nigga no games here my nigga my nigga

What is that a chimpmunk and a squirrel combined with a gun

ich bin so cool

Ima kinda scared of dat thing

ich bin ausgerüstet


Hanster Atak Dísa Rós

mjöl mnmnmnmn

vo para gerra

augen ofen halten

samimansari9271@gmail. com


ai agalera quem esta comigo nessa.


this means war.

her mit den nuessen

oye tu que me ves

nice animal machine gun muhaha

الرش الرش مافى كوز يفضل

я крут

Dennis Freitag

this means war

back up I'm dangerous ly awesome

he's. waching you right now

Where you go alone munchkin world at war


it so funni hahah

machine gun sqruille, help!

ready for spring


Perdeu playboy

like a boss


los americanos se van a cagar

los americanos se van a cagar

хамяк к бою готов!!

adorei muitk lindo

ну и валяйте

OMG ;-) it`s so perfect!

What the fuck you looking at

rambo bever


say hello to my little friend

you better back off

este gato esta armado, tengan cuidado

volllllllllll geil

Die Amme von der Zukunft

fully loaded

he must of seen duck dynasty, & what they do to squirrels!


protect the nuts

I really wish I could do what he doing but I can't

cod he he just if he was in cod black opps ghosts

I wish I could do that

tribo da periferia

hi everyone I'm weird i'll shot u

Quien molesto a mi hijo

quello vuol dire essere un figo

C.O.D time ha

astallaviusa . baby

thats what im saying

funny he is ready for war

que ase una rata con una metralleta ratatatatatatatata

Call of Duty gohst(hörnchen edition)

tough guys alert

термінатор!!! 3

You mess with me I'm with you

Arkense kabrones

ta pronto pra guerra

hhahaa cool

مرتجى دادو

anthony connolly anthony connly


hora banda ya tengo alas ratas para armar un desmadre!!!

Comigo e assim

sera que ta armado ese bicho kkkkk


esta tan mal la cosa k asta a los animalitos les interesan aprender a usar las armas

ready for battle

so cool a Hamster

Auf in die Schlacht!!

geil.. nehm ich als haustier*-*

wo kann man denn so ein geiles Foto machen omg wtf

have a look

donne guerriere

This is a great hero

angry squarel

minky saka

who took my nuts

fucker of mother

everybody take cover!!!!!!!

meu nome é lindinho

Ill get u my pretty with my gun two


imagenes de perros

bota acaka pra tu verr kkk

sry murmeltier

cooler hamster

Im guarding

ㅋㅋ 누가만들었대?


котята котята

fery danger

Give me a cheeseburger..... or else

ich beschütze die SCORPIONS

Жан клод как дам


Dad u sed its beaver season again welp time to fuqq some shit up

ready yo kill someone

si c muebe pierde huhuhuhu

hiiiiiihuiiiiii. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!::

Op weg naar syrië

haha hammer

muito louco

Come at me bro

Awesome hahaha

Awesome hahaha

o crap chimpmunk invasion

i told you. i want my cookies now

ready for batle

may the luck be on ur side, little rodent.:'( now go off to war. rofl