Manufacture laughters

homosexuales con senos

хихихи прэкол

pyar m dard


Não vai embora

yep this is something that would definatley happen to me

escudoo contra gabiotas

fuk ur thundar u can suck my dick

true Live xD ma im Ernst,mach der das mit Absicht o.Ö

hahahaa.....its soo funny

for you Ashley

i did it ha ha ha

i did it ha ha ha

annamaria in crociera

voll romantisch xD

the titanic and poor woman


that must hurt


thats fot stealing my son

that is so funny

well thats a lovely moment(:

Poor bird , had to look at her ugly face

Awww true love;)


не выпускайте носы

smile now bitch

that's funny

titanic fail

Hahahaha not the titanic mommsent lol

okee dis is soooooooo funny

how about that!!":

the bird are hungry

one directio

thats got to hurt

ynika ahsan

לייק מי שלא רוצה שיקרה לו

это ты