Manufacture laughters

@915rp**** bad comments by you.

kkkk ķkkkkk

fotos encracrasadas

Really life!

Эх пятница

Sso curtindo kkk

olha nanda vc ta assim agora ne kkkk

этэ. кто. арангутант

asi te ves

olhando o jogo d brasil.

Oh. Vidaa boa.

quem é ????

muito sem nosao.

dungao e vc cara

who dose this?

Esse sim é loco



are you homer?

все ждем звонка

saufen tut gut

this is how we do it chips and tv

who says they can't do 4 things a:-) t once. pull/push table,hold a drink ,watch TV, and get food.

king julien on Saturday

hoje estou assimkkk

yo viendo tv

questa sera divano e relax!!!

Can u get fat enough

o qe menino

o que ele esta a dizer e quase isso

Deixem-me esta a dar a bola!!!

well this is how it is now since my babe left me behind lol

grab a beer and chips and say go broncos

so funny.... penner

I'm so fat! !

hey yo your ships fell

einfach nur geil

imagen grasiosa

my favorite thing is watching nascar

sana ganito lage.

can u eat with me



ваааав мне бы так

that is Dom ass hill

that's my brother all day

q kra folgado kk

nn bere troppa Duff altrimenti ti ubriachi e poi sai che ramanzina ti fará tua moglie!


echt geil das bild

is des net geil

lollollollollollollollollollollollollollollollollollollollol :)


Is des ned geil

блин мне нечем шпилить

Not even funny...

вот интересна

thats how im in home

what is this man ??

желаю амем приятного вечера после трудового дня

whats Appell

coole Gruppe

hahahaa........ein Waschbär of en sofa

maremmana che buco

wtf co to je fuj


isso e um cuala

так я выгляжу на выходных

kalle hat sich ganz schön verändert

ah ggn bon kan ou tous el la

It was good while it lasted.

erano tutti xcontenti


Ich bin Cool

....schönen Feierabend!

chilling saturday

imagine walkin in ur house and see this

lol that thing needs some exercise

wahhhh,,,,relex nyerr


хаха такая смешная школа




essa é para tu jr



телевизор сташная вещь

drunk ass hell mother fucker

amiga tirei uma foto sua kk

amiga tirei uma foto sua escondido kkkk

take some duff

kkkk olha so como estour hj rrsrs


so tirando onda..

papa beim Fernsehen gucken

Cooles bild??

I love it so much

der Fiddl abends auf dem Sofa

вот так примерно

Eso es lo que haces durante el dia

a katri kkk

So this is what happens when I leave you alone at home....

psssss da leuft mici maus wunder haus

yeah duff bear:D

sieht aus wie andreas

bello molto carino . Fa ridere.

Fernsehen kann manchmal interessant sein oh was kommt da

No hay nada como el interes de los programas

Dem the days

как хорошо

lu sai dessa vida

бухнем a



Das ist LoL

Big fat punk

чо делаешь

Like a boss

ooo kill him

have some nuts and beer

fougado ne kkkkkkkk.


das bist du schatz

wont is up dog

Este soy yo cuando tu no estás

now this is life

aký otec taký syn

So Feierabend fuer heute

Mira como sufro yo aki namás solito

Grattis på Emilia-dagen

Öl echt lol

boah geil! isch glaub ich mach ma di deutsch hü nisch

El edgar el domingo

bjihhhv pco

einen Guten relax.....

ну... до я круче

relajado viendo un peli

botana,chela,tabaco y fut


viendo peli

homer simsin

תבי קצת שמן

ол санга

está festa é o maximo

my vistor liks fish

Executive chairman

wünsch einen gemütlichen abend! ;-)

mirando tele pix

МЧС от

tak co dava jirko

the game is on!

футбол идет!

mnogo hubavo

когда начнется сериалы


staying home wat hing foottball.

watching movie


olha o nido

lol more beer sweety

Sigueme Platicando

he has duff

está bueno el filme

"agora vou assistir uma tv"kkkk

dedo do meii

Man ist der Film spannend


Yu sypa yg mo ikut.n

Domingo de descanso!

more beer honey

das ist klasse

Sonntag eben

רואים שזה פוטושופ גרוע

lol that is funny

Ha ha ha.ha funny

Listo para ver mi facebook,y a la vez una pelicula

эй привет

the think he sould stop eating that he is fat

ich heiße Granit


schönen abend noch...

?"'"? ! !%&:':

Äntligen hemma!

No better than drink and watch

"honey its dinner"hold on I'll be there maybe

that is so me

lol so funny bt weird 2

This is the life. AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH :-)


es buenísimo

oh hell ya..what a house guest

hs la bête

fettet Sache

wer spricht hir alles deutsch

them fuckin bulls

do you want some frisky with that

oh bad ones! Thats not funny! ----> i hate it its a fake. :'( :(

that's weird but kk

hay look my dad

@2ecis. No fucking shit it isn't real.I would've never know moron.

das isz nicht richtig!

gopal su kara ca

Its fake and it isn't funny

schönen Abend noch!

wow is that us in the future

he looks like homer from the simpsons

An wem erinnert mich das

what is thiS...

wally guckt tv lach

esse sim eh folgado..!!!

bigfoots cousin in tha building

Na Fetti...


super bowl time!!!

go super bowl!!!!!!!

spannend der Film

schaut dem bvb

photo shopped. look at its feet!

Like a Boss...;o:DD

Birth day full party Aslam....! enjoy Boss.....!


só de bobeira!!!!!!!!

thats a shubam chavan

OMG that's so hilarious

schoen woll

this is my show so leave me be

ahhhhhhhh you watching tv

hahaha, sideffect of watching to much TV.

that food look good

funny animal


I dont get it

llok fimiliar hummmmm...

dang someone relaxing

wah barca mEnang mulu ..

Why does this have to be the ONLY relbaile source? Oh well, gj!

not only u people we can enjoy too.Nice movie

good morning freands

also what I call funny

mer malak

ha ha ha ha

funy pic fu

that's so funny


I like diz pic