Manufacture laughters

@Funpica user I don't think she will run out any time soon

I don't see why boys dye their hair and leave it long, u just confuse people

na Guten Appetit

kkkkkkk cabelo de miojo

cabelo de miojo!

hey after this when you sre bald give me sugar

espaguete de primeira kkk

she will be screaming when he's out of nodles haha lol

not funny :|

that is too funny

it looks like the man's hair is tastier than the noodles that the girl is eating!

hahahahahah fail

mmm yummy may I please have the salt

Doesn't look like a baby to me


Score free noodles



ha ha ha!!!!!!

your hair is yummy

not a funny one

ник блек вкусна

esta bueno



"daddy, why can't I tell them you're name is hamble...

:D zu geil eu:D !!!


baby eating noodles

ye baccha to noodles karahi. hai.........!!

Varry varry cool

thats not funny

yukkk evan tho I kno its 2 separate pics