Manufacture laughters

gar nicht mal so gut

vxfnfh fhngxtmhctucyu jt jgcjy

Esse faleceu.kkkkkk

what a dome ass

wirklich dumm :D

der junge :-=

i cant even see it

loooooool: )

if I try to be Michael Jackson then u will go where he is now

He is a micheal Jackson in training.

that man just smashed his dick

its weerdy to me

hahahahahahahahaha typisch jungs hat der verdient

What a dum ass

ist so mickel Jackson gestorben? lol Dummheit tut weh

michael jacson angel

mdr il est trop con

That'll teach him that if you try to be like Michael Jackson you end up like him #in a coffin

so thts how michael jackson died.....scary death lol yolo

loserest lol

lol Michal Jackson fell to it death

realy a looser

wie dumm =D