Manufacture laughters

isso ta tudo em ingles

da onde saiu esse possuido kkk

Lol so cute tho :) looks like my dog :) btw rip for my cutey :( he died on 22 /3/14 RIP


reaction of the gurl .once u tell them ur pussy stink

lustiger hund

eww I know what he means

what boes he mean????

ваши видео класные

прикольные картинки

Такие большие гдаза

прикол ы

check out my adorable pics.


just smile and wave

idk people be crazy. but I don't get it and I dont want to get if

fuckin hel

why would someone say what does the fox say

si tu eres el espermatozoide mas rapido como sera él más lento

what did the fox say

yes you are right!!!♪♩

Yea i dont want to know where

yes yes it is

mira la caga que ise

братан на твою постель нассали

Ohh mein GOTT !! wer gerade gefurtzt

what the fuck

It's going on the bread Dick , chill out

WHAt the uuuuuck

How freaky Niggas be when they don't get no girls

I think I know where there putting the peanut butter, I think I know where they put the peanut butter!

che occhi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Was bedeutet das? He



как как …


I sed I'm not that type of dog

oh, à Dick, i bet