Manufacture laughters

dont u get it ? 1000point for each children !

dont go slow walk fast or die

here you go.

ha...anyone ever plat this game before?

how slow do we need to go

that is wrong

Hit a fatty get double points...

eveyones fav game!!

this is Bab ass:-)

starts run tro street sees car hopes that is worth 5 points

they must be mental thats cruel somw kids are slow and do too much

a nigga walk slow as hell to get that shit

AWESOME *hits table*100 POINTS 100 POINTS!!!!

GTA Danny stijl

there is no video game in real life except for reality

I love that game

wtf is this

DAT is soo cruel!

Let's drive people

can you exchange points for money?

1000 points my ass

ace just three more

just got tree

poor chiltren.....

I wonder how many kids I can get

ganz deiner meinung (nice)

auf deutsch ist hier gar nichs

so messed up this ain't no video game real life dumb asses

I'm rich!!!

it's great I love it!

don't murder children

1000poinds lol

Happy halloween.

= ... .- .. took

not funny!! at all!!!!

Omg hàte be one of those kids

from gavin Tommy dillan to the Spanish kids

tutta x noi ila!

road rage!!!!!!! lolololol

this is akward

hahaha that's so funny really where is that funny

Wo sollte der Schulbus dann hin?

lol messed up

is this a childerns game

1000 Points ?? lol

lol messed up