Manufacture laughters

lol laugh out loud

ich kenne dieses spiel♥

کجا خوب بود، شما هم با این حال در چرخشی تاکتیکی جنبش

Kkkkkkkkkkkkkk esses jogos...

drama queen

Good video)))

vídeos engraçado

ولی کاش فلیم های بهال داشت


خوب بود



السودان TV

ist bei mir auch schon einmal passiert ich konnte nicht mehr schlafen


what was the picture?

Haha awesome

wwwxxxv ideoscom

and girls are notdramatic

hahahaha that is so funny last time I did that my brother crapt in his pants

aashqi 2 video

it happened to me before

I was really scared with that game lol


wtf I played that maze game its not scarey

lol has happen to me

Girls are so dramatic

man das werd ich mir saven

ตกใจหมดดิแบบนี้ 55+

btw did you see the picture?

hahaha I can't stop laughing

that awesome

that's not scary

hahahahahahahahaahah xD

OMG soooo funny

باحال بود


bet the under pants aren't clean anymore lol

Parece q chupa pinto...

they stupid....they gell out of the godame chair

gurtej randhawa

oh my goodness I laughed sooooo hard

lololol that reaction was priceless

s. dccdccddccecc

Booooooo haha

а что там было

lol bit get away



hi lol,......

kjkkkkkkkk eu em! !!:


there are so stupid for doing that

toma quem manda ficka perto da tela parecem ser cegas

Ha i laugh my ass off

Oiã o resultado depoiss de assistir os zumbis, kkkkk

Hoooo ...ha.ha.ha

that's what they get they shouldn't have been so close to the computer

vi vse u vas chlenov net

was ist das fürn game bitte sagt es mir ich hool es mir!!?

hahaha wer ist das?!?lol

Kappiere denn Witz nicht so aber irgentwie trotzdem lustig

LOL stupid


Daniel Furlan


serves them good for hogging the frikin computar

dz2s8 you have to much free time

uchdivkbl gvhrugutught fjfjgdhdjedwelvf


hihi -------- 》》》¿¿¿♥++ >>>>>

Karate sotokon

Pape diouf

кто упал?

legal goste minha amiga de um murro no notbook

LOL! my little sister plays that game and she not scared

mjau mjau mjau


stupid girls

kkkk. muito engraçado

das ist nicht lustig

мама и папа

it's so cool hi :-P


keep kalm sisters

lololo hahahahah wat a hed


lol ...y r they so close to the computer any was.. well thier going to hurt thier eyes

polícia 12

keep calm sisters...

вам не понять

lurdinha @ gmail .com

lurdinha @ gmail .com

My freind did it to me so dont be wimps

isso é o querer sê amostrar..hahah




haha stupid


haha funny ;)

y r u so close to the screen any way......that's one for the ouchy list

Halloween is coming

hallo du sack

hallo du sack


hallo du sack

stupid seen it before

hahahahaha....they're totally freaked out.. XD