Manufacture laughters

how dose that not hert

looks like that shit hurts! I'm dead!


Haha walking wired

Kern laufen man

why they put those heels on that model that was stupid

Portuguese people are dum Plus her ankles bend perfectly


knick knack:)

I dont find walking sticks sexy

she`s drunk leave her alone

sm1s cut this puppets strings haha

haha ich kann damit laufen

Doesn't anyone realize she has chicken legs ???

:-D hahaha so hol

omg betrunken:P

sooo langweilig

bisa begitu ya? hahahah .....

Au eso tiene q doler se a roto los tobillos

patas flojas

как смешно!

well damn lol

aua das tut weh

dori k boobs

ALIAN O.o oder... das üben wir einfach noch mal

oh wow......

지호 지호 지호 지호 지호 지호