Manufacture laughters

lel!!! luv it

thats not funny

nice nice nice nice nice nice nice :))

lol it says the b word

omg that's my car

alter is zwar voll die Beleidigung aber lol

I wonder if the person is the 76th b####

18 de marzo

whatever that's MY car sucker

OMG WTF that's my car!!_!_!_

bitch lol so random

hahhahahahahah lol

that hilarious

Ha wie geil:)


nice license plate dork

ok ich hab bei uns am marktplatz mal nen roller gesehen da stand daraun 'sex'

ok then.....a? ???????

Look at the make and model it says it all

I like that

i wonder if the person is bit : ch 76

tja tja ups


, gbh d's shjkk

fejeyt k f I d's ti8 tr ttfffffffffkkkkzzbbbbvvvgggggy88iiiiuu9233

its real it is from bitburg in germany

hehelele the owner want everyone to read it including the polices :-o


die zahl ist das lustige hahaha

was ist daran lustig

nice number

ist das gemein




is that your car?

das gibts nich:DDD

negus be saying....... oh no bitch. say it in font of my face

die klenne bitch

hah so funny

hehe geil bitch also wer fàhrt denn des auto bestimmt so ne klenne bitch

Who is the Bitch the reader , the owner or the vehicle

Bittburg :D

cooles Nummernschild

cooles Nummernschild

ich würde das schild auch Wechseln

jessica Kumar

youve got to get me one of them

My friends cars number is Fu:k58

haha bitches ey

roses are red violets are blue im so cool wtf happend to you lol

i got five fingers the middle one for you

ford bitch...komm her ;)

I am thinking of the driver's face when he saw the sign his car will have

hehe passt doch ne Bitch!!!!!

past zu meiner freundinn

hahah das ist ein zeichen

whoeva own that car is a bitch. lol

original ha ha

...that aint nice love lemon, no ice u roll da dice u get 0!!!

Lol wenn ich so was hätte würde ich das schild wechseln!?

oh my god what is that???

remove clothes

look at it because u are one

der das fährt is also ne bitch

wow the number 76 kinda kills the vibe