Manufacture laughters

zombified dog

those eyes though

time for my once a year bath

Dog be like "Noooo! Dont leave me with her! Not yur Mom!!! HELP!!!!!"

the eyes :-[

Water vs dog

der hat es nötig

water take cover!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

stupid dog!

Ahhh water my worst enemy

The dog was like no no please don't let me get wet

i can dance


scary face

מה הקטע?! זה סתם דבילי

Water vs zombie

Plant vs zombies

He want have a baths : |

zombie hund

dancin....dooo dooo dooo...water....doo dooo doo

longer u stare the weirder it gets

that is 1 fucked up dog

u can c th e class window

Awesome! rock on Dog

omg awsome dude

nice video there more

Opel gghgjhh"::'(((

para estar en forma

this is no way to teach me to dance!

i not funny

look at the eyes that gave me nightmares for two weeks uhhhhh

gopal1 gopal2

omg!! soo funny lol

dog:must get to water . wall: ow ow ow

pobre perro

اووووه اتفني

Lmao... Awesome.

Nice vid I commet bcuz no one did mine but nixe vid


Can't get me here, can't get me here!


thts soo cute