Manufacture laughters

что смешного


so not good

بشاروقعت طيارتو وهو كان بدو يهرب

gente q tragedia vo. goza ham hsm

Gute Landung in New York!

dumm dumm dumm:(

hooe knowone got hurt

And then you notice a plane cuts you off and you yell jerk!

holy water whats up someone didn't take the drivers test

die vliegtuigen denken de laaste tijd ook maar dat ze zomaar overal kunnen landen

thats Not good das ist nicht gut



lol...He did not had his parking license

شراع البقا

good afternoon friends

good afternoon friends

Hope no one got hurt.

kahan chup raha hai

yeh kahan aa gaye hum

Acidente de aviao

Oh mann ey was ist denn da passiert! ! ! Geiloo

ha can't fly lol

OMG what happend

Chinn GmbH I gg ICBM Kb gtg I

banchi megabe

ha ha ha so funny

come decollare in sicurezza.

хаха Над чем смеемся,

were were were D's guy fhfhghhbnn


Thats not funny!!

Bad asses park like that

Oioioi eine schöne Bruchlandung

wheres the cops

are we late for the odishens


what the fuck happened!

park at a airport stup

Police: Attention pilots! this is not a runway!

let's look

that muggle crash landing was an EPICFAIL.......Now, turn to page 394.

That's not funny

e why didnt u just park across the street

haven't u heard of parking lots at all


:-) Poor tree