Manufacture laughters

Where is the dogsitter?

nossa tá rolando um lance sério no pc kkkk

I have a problem I keep watching sex and the city

that will be the first and the last date

Thats the same dog i have boxer pot

мам ешьо пять минут

Bro:"No she says she has got a husband for long time" Noob : ":'-(((("

inteligência pura.


Human style

컴프터중독 아~~졸려~~

he's looking at dog porn no doubt


meu amigo jogando na bolsa kkkk


That is funny

wait watt marrys my girl dude

im comin bro let me just eat ur bacon up XD

Haha pc verslaaft

thats a pretty dog

Don't believe the one above.

Sorry it posted 2 times.

That is weird but amazingly funny. :-)