Manufacture laughters


thats how I like it woman

okee wie lustig

esse que é um animal de estimação dando uma focinha até nas horas mais difíceis kkkkk

lol yolo swag

your a fricking jerk you leave me at the house and get drunk with your friends without me


oh look a fly...

gato malvado

nicht lustig

it is sooooooo true




andale la que sientas que se siente que no te den agua

the cat,"lord why must my owner be so stupid?"

die katze ist ein.echter freund:)

look at did new stool

u see that's why u should not be mean to cat because u will have pay back

she became a syep stool so he could reach the toilet paper

I`m Kiron and Jèrôme is drinking from the toilett

Hahaha the cat its her punisment want yours

Lol the cat im inisint

i love natalie 4ever

Cat: SERVANT. taste my drink in case its poisoned!

amin.m hassan

Cutest thing i ever saw

hahahahahaha hahahahahaha

funny funny ;}

пусть хлебает


what??? I'm protecting her!!


il micio più intelligente del mondo !!!! e così che si trattano le persone

ha ha ha !!!loooooooooool!!!

I nostri a-mici sono sempre con noi ...

para. mitigar. la. sed.

That's halarious

XD im never gein a cat

Ieeel ik haat kots

let me take a seat

parceiro heim

sii mui lindo

que lindo gatito

tja da sieht man es, tiere sind die besten freunde des menschen