Manufacture laughters

not so sure about rule number 10

I like number 5 and number 9

ich Hase dich

nobody could date her or kiss her because the dad wants to do those same things to you.

Badass (Heisenberg)

holy crap thats awesome


he's a good dad


i like this

dating your daughter?..... well... then.....

I kno thts rite

thanks and dang my dad would say the same

Scariest father

say tgat is f a r r t

whaaatt !!!

cute any thing dor her but his daughter what not cool

right! I wish boys would understand this!


like if you will date his daughter comment if not

like if u will date his daughter

whaa #ten is creepy :(

got that right bro.

Guys carefull...

i wouldnt want

I need that t-shirt

Wow yiu are a nice dad

I'll be careful not to upset you

I need that t-shirt for my dad

Daddys Rules!!

mis rules pa mi nina

ana baticic


hey that sounds like my dad

every time I get a girlfriend the dad says something EXACTLY like that.

sounds like my dad I gotta get one

abis klau kna romen bpk dia pun main romen ke haha



I want this t shirt

lol somtimes dads need to let they child get some air thats wat make em try shit

I think that's funny

umm now im scared to date ever again

my dad needs to get that for me

Get it......

This is so wired and ha ha ha

Funny pictures

rule 10 he f*** with her .her dad yweoooo homo

Wow. That sounds like some people I know. HAHAHA:-)

i dont no about those

hahahah...rules yan ng tatay ko...!!!!XD

rule 10... I could go for a nice dinner