Manufacture laughters

Wtf he is wet 4 me

what if he fell in it during the game or someone else did


oh no thanks I just went

не хило

the comments are fucking stupid. bunch of illiterate dumb asses



legend wait a second dary

That is absolutely disgusting

der muste mal vür astronauten

go to the toilett


G's man that stupid

Wtf way to go

richtig lol

like if u can see it

he shoud have peed on that guys head

Mommy! I peed in the field today! :p

Niggers these days

o crap they're. all looking smile and wave smile and wave

hold on one second I'm taking a time

really funny

man peeing say ''hope they dont see me pee couch says I see you ....... you nasty

ابو سمرة ولا معاه خبر...بدو يسقي الحشيش

coach: stop fucking peeing. player: you're the one who said the toilets aren't primo



just let it dood I now how u feel!!!!!

haha taking a piss while everyone is arguing

this nigga is peeing on the field


did he said break. a leg

really peeing on the soccer feild

do not get this

don't get it at all

the leg is tow u

ahhh much better

i dont get it