Manufacture laughters

Das ist wirklich ein dummer Hund! !!

lovely birds

Yani chiiiii?chi migid?in sokshera chiye dg?

lol das ist soo witzig ich lach mich immer noch schlapp

às escondidas

tenga paes q se entretenga jajaja

Is that a bunny or a cat

that dog was going to rape that cat!

Hahahahaha wie geil :D

cago gatito

dummer hund

wow!! ninja cat ?

só para os covardes

hahaha stupid dog

no one wants to listen to that crap your saying fxzva***

keep going keep going ggot you

the cat karate master

aww the dog just bit him. thats soo sad lol


watch your langwitch


hahaha tawa much

that bich is a cat lol xxx

manish Telange

go to you fucking house devil!!!!!!!!!!!


isit the other way around

tag your it!!!

you know cats have sensers in there whiskers and cat sense if you are sneaking up on them

still eating those M and Ms


lol afraid of squirrels

The cat is me and the dog is the devil

Enough!! The dog just had pups...

haha die Katze hats kommen sehen :D


touch me and I'll tear ur ass up

ha ha funny

thats meeee

fuck ya that's me

a cat beating a dog

cat - don't mess with me bitch!

never fuck with cats !! lmao

you thought you could sneek up on me did u puppy?

lol cat showing that dog up... lol X)

you people are completely stupid. the dog has been PREGNANT and is feeding puppies. it is a mammal.

8 man BALLS WANT it to be more MAN!!!!!!

how many balls dose the dog have? like seriously

what's up with the dog's belly?

that is not fucking funny

the dog is not a cat the cat is not a dog Wow