Manufacture laughters

lol that's just like me

But i like dose chips

Dats like me evryday

mom : (face/palm)

los peros asustados

das die immer so cool tuhn

yea fuck chips

mommy didn't let him get it lol

she makes me sick......

Man what's your prob bob

ha. mom said no what's the t

sooooooo true

When mom says no its a no!!

ajhvehg2dufveifbveiyfbvjhebigwdyibiyrwb I hate it when my mom says noooo

when my mom say no.....i hate it

this happend to me a lots of times :-)

Shit I did that once

exactly lol

lclfkffffffffffgggfffsvfr dv gfe gtnhtnejrj'mhfhjhhhnhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. v. nnnnbb ggrryhnhhggggggtgg

cuz mom said no

no...that s him upset cuz he has to put it back where he took it

no chips hahaha

damn teenager

she said no, the sign said u break or open u buy

I dont get it

se lo roobo

I like doritos better.

i dont get it

no I don't need that no I don't need that nevermind I'll go shop somewhere else

black man is the sexiest one..hmm