Manufacture laughters

hes halrious lol


ahah ha difficoltà anke ad alzarsi. ..

Cute but fat

uuuhh es muss unbedingt abnehmen mal ehrlich → abonieren

cute and funny

awwww how sweet ^^

I didn't know ponocyo had tuned into a fat hamster

let's dance in a little tube


Does not know it's size

des is sooo süß

soo funny lol

Soo funny!!!!

i cant fit!!!!!!

hahaha ....

موش ولوله

he's toooooo fat

little cute


your to fat !


بقلبي بس هههههههه

хыхы цххццх жухуху

y did it send twice!!!??

omg u gotta watch how animals dat their food on youtube...its hilarious!

poor hamster lol

why was he spazzing out at the end?

He's 2 fat 2 fit in day tube thingy. When he's on his back he's like a turtle.

so funny. NOT

haha lol so funny. NOT

the result of having a pet gerbil lol:-)

doesn't fit lol :-)

fat don't you thank

I hate Hamsters

well Its cute little fat hamster

fatness is anime

animal picture

awwww that is so cute xxx

Awwwww poor him he dosent fit lol


kecik plak trowong nie

warum hilft ihm niemand...

Lulz soooo cuuuute...


too cute... makes me want to get one for my grandson... lol

was hat er gegen die röhre?

poor guy but it is lovley

jaja esa cosa que era un raton

dumm hahaaaaaaaaa

OMG he's so fuzzy



poor little Guy.

very funny and cut

it doess takes longg

takes to long to load 50% now!

oh der arme warum hilft denn keiner ?

he's trying to have a moment of PRIVCY

fetter hamster hahahah

that is sooo cute

haha :D sweet!!

dogs and cats

Hihihi very nice

cute and funny

Sais trop cool

fatty ratty