Manufacture laughters

I don't get it what is he doing and I don't get it


alwayz remain as the joker


Aaaaaaaa come tudo kkkk


i cnt stop laughin!!!! srsly

my boyfriend told me about this earlyer

esa mamada


you are all cleary stupid he is gettin air is his throught cus the guy aint breething

primul ajutor! :))))

lmfao lls ilt

he aint even hitting him

you can do it would I Love it

will ferrel

Help me dumb ass

this shit is fucking wack he is not even touching the damn man if u look closely

Papel d paede do whatsapp

Papel d parede

funny people

le falta aire al internet como a el viejo jaja

Funny m.bein

yeah slap the bitch in his face