Manufacture laughters

lädt sehr langsam

that's a way top pick up a girl

that's called stealing other's woman...

Well one way to "sweep her off her feet!"



Mr.stealyogirl STRICKS AGAIN

lädt schlecht

What a fap!!


omg theres not anybody in the cart that sweeps her off her feet

well looks like she's got someone that loves her

well thats one way to get a bitch in a car.

lol he's like let me hold some man.

Its Mr.StealYourGirl

nice but mean way 2 get a girl


Ich hab ein Taxi

Ich bin dann mal weg! Tschüs!

wicked woman stealer XD

L that is so funny

its Mr steal yo girl

what the hack!!!

se la llevaron

thays crazy

swept off her feet

the number 15 doesnnt has a wife so he took the other wife

hell no not the fuckin mondern way that when the civil war started no internet lol jk

he needed a wife he is screwed

фотка супер!!!!!$!



ha ha ha. thats funny as shit

oh hi are you kidnapping me ok:-)

he is kidnapping that women

my wife now bitch

She is being,taken away

asta da mişcare bună

lady grabber >:(

Lady Killer! :-p

haha men must do that ofte

the old way how to kidnapped...

what hapened

very good!!

special 4 you..

régi csajozási mód

that's what I you call kidnapping.

Haha that was soooooooooooooo funny

she has been ladynapped

Naked girls video

è mia! kiaro

este es cabron para robarse ala viejas

now THATS how to pick up a lady