Manufacture laughters

So that's the case? Quite a revetalion that is.

nova tecnologia mais barata

tão vendendo note Apple


hahahahahahahaha :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

komisches Rätsel klar big Apple was sonst

просто прикольно хехзз

hahahahahahahaha (das ist lagweilig

зачем покупать ТОЖЕ С@МОЕ

hammer foto

neustes Apple;)

mmmhh. EPIC FAIL

Nope not an apple computer

una apple falsa

una apple falsa

eat that apple

grappig hahahahaha xd

Apple computer ? No apple on computer

Apple ist klar

esse original .kkk

is that supposed to make it an apple product

es ist so was von richtigXD

Apple Epic Fail

it's supposed to be red GOSH!!

kkkkk.. let's pray!

Cant aford a real one

haha very creative

that's a total fail

okayy not funny at all

for starters ya gotta take a bite outa it

u should take a bite out of that apple.

close enough!

а это еще чо?!!!!

Endlich ein Apple

malikg dami

i dont get it

hi hi hi appel ;D


hab was fur dich Michael

wie kann man des herrunter laden?!?!

I would love one of those

neue herstellung von apple

an apple :D

Apple laptop


haha apple computer

really? fucked up!

u guy. giting hit in the face

haha a apple !! ... :D

wait.....does the apple have to be on the laptop

mein neuer Apple pc

So...the computer is an apple laptop.funny

justin bieber

Justin bieber

neuester applelaptop


apple lappy

hahaha thats crazy

Imágenes de carros

really fail

wow.. !! Lol

funny babies

stupid its epic fail

really fail

justin bieber

mega fail and lol 

This is the New Apple

te haces pendejo

funny picture