Manufacture laughters

Great arlceti, thank you again for writing.

Two words: So true



فارسی بنویسید

thats sick!!!!

one picture = many feelings

red good fruit

haha. that is great

haha...funny but true

kas on lumest ka seda teha???

I don't like that finger

that's bloody brilliant

u must not like winter

I bloody love that

yea f*&+ winter

I want that

can u make me one

true story bitch..! :D

Es werde sommer!!!

thats sick!!!

krasse scjeisse

scheiss wetter

to all who act like babies

that is great I'm going to make one in a pacais garden

facking genius

I done that once I hate snow lol :-)

Scheiss Winter!!!!!

Ich will Frühling!!!!

me to not it never snows were I live

lol when crismas comes im going to do that

nice picture