Manufacture laughters

look at that

ist ja geil

my name is melly bär

cute or nuh

next time Falcon punch


suche freundin


geil und umgeleckz t


awww,that baby is so cute

Baby u r cute

der ist ja niedlich

aaaaaahhhhhhhh ninja baby on the loose!!!!!!!!!!!!

Real wise gramps let the girl win before she rip u t pieces (like if )

des hat der doch mit asicht

What that don't make no sense

so cute baby

Die wird mal wenn sie erwachen ist für street fighter spielen hahah =)

mini-ninja baby

Kleiner Rambo

minha filha

the kids new name is the kid ninja

oh im gonna beat u... maybe next time, u win ( im just gonna dive-roll over u)

oh so sweer

that's fucking shit a they are idiots

baby u r cute

strong thing

love it because the hit. the parrot

That is so crazy! Rock on baby u r cute

what the fuck

haha..funny lol

supermann fotzen Kind

amazing move.

who's your sensei

kid 1 guy 0

Check out lpb101 on instagram

r u shure its real

The bigger they are, the small one always can take him on.

I do that at my judo!

ja man sieht doch ihr laecheln!↑

wie süß aber ich hoffe das kind macht das frei willig

I Love you <3

omg not cute fucking cute

he got his aass whoop

She is so strong

this is shit

kick his ass little bro

she probably thinking what the hell is wrong with u bitch I was just asking for a hug

altro k karate kid..!!!

you'll love this

Parenting, you're doing it right!

r u sure thats fake

How cute is that

ohhh so cute

wat da?????

kid must be tuff

der neue karate kid

Damn she is strong

that's STUPID


wtf is wrong with dis world!!!???

volle verarschung


Thats the baby of chuck norris

he is fucken full of shit but the cute will be a good fighter

hahahahahahahahaha i just peed mah pants

sooooooooooo fake u ca

parati polanco paque aprenda

very strong girl

fuck you....boy crebile.......bla bla bla...bayyyy


one strong baby

omg she's so cute

your old how can u survive that

yikes that is just on wired kid

luan santana

hahahaaah" sooo cUte ^^

Lol Hilarious

Kind auf klo

mickey mouse

karateee kid !! ... hihi

alle leute gehn nach hause

omg so cute and an epic fail

karate kid

kind auf jlo

Etydx hgg vffh hv n hfh bv g t'

Karate kid

strong grammpa

joder con el niño



She flipped him yay

kind auf klo

I would y

is that even possiblr

stuck in the.

Spongebob Squarepants


Kind auf den Klo


다들 외국분?

Kid is googd

funny videos

ytrfhikd de i jwjfjfjdkdkdb

lol lol ll lol


is that even possible

alta is das kleine kind stark




Oh what a day that will

junior champ ;)

wow that kids strong

O menino é danado


grandpa got his a** beat

this is very cool

strong little gir


fhsfBern and a new one is going well in advance ybeen

gato perro

look at my pic

hahaha would u believe its really funny



Ben Wilkesmann

애기 귀여당 ㅠ ㅠ


waw..share it!

thats not real but thats stupid

щ жээ.& я

ЯяЯ ывввввдлщ, ближе, ближе ближе бли"()"же. бмсьдссд.



strong child

young shall grow

bfg v. c

da pa encara???

vamos que podesmos....!

chi vincerá

where da hoes at

wow!!! he is strong


I love this app

Thats stupid


hesch hofnige das du mädchen schlagen kannst

As vezes os peqnos saoais foryes kkkk



young shall grow

reall funny

hahaha..... 100x

cool ist wahnsin

niña ningia


knza sukol dha?

lupet ni baby hahaha

i told u if i dont get my icecream i will kick your ass

Größe ist nicht alles :-D

haha that Is awesome


brov he is so stupid

секс синволы

Go straight to hell

Realy funny

what a strong baby lolol

kid power!

Awesomeness hes hercules

what a victory:

ll. .l ooo m!"-88

ll. .l ooo m!"-88

wtf die gröse sagt gar nichts

This is funny

This funny shit

child power

hahaha! (:D

아이 귀여라

Booooo lame

that was not funny that was awesome!!!!

He wooped that woo

oh shit he's black belt o fuck iam Screwed

neon style

aww, the way I see it, the man is nice.

oh shit!!!!