Manufacture laughters

What a good role model! :D

whats the name of this movie??

That's funny

nein dumm und dümmer! in der Szene trinkt der Cop den Urin von dem anderen!

fo'sho foo he was noticin ur sweater



I don't get it

nice try! but not gonna happen!

The movie dumb and dumber

awesome film!

Good movie...

My FAVORITE movie! ! ! XD

that is like son inlaw.

lol I love dumb ans dumber

thats fuuny

lame this off of dumb and dumber

pull over - geh rüber

check ich nicht

cardigan of a boss!

from dumb and dumber xp

lol lozers on the lose

ahahah that's sounds funny

dum and dummer

Lmfao swag



what the kind of police is this

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was macht das für ein sinn