Manufacture laughters

ooooooo so sweet

armes kleines Kind!

به این میگن خاک تو سرم

I can totally here his mother later. "Junior, who mugged you at school!?!?"

gratis dusche

hahaha echt witzig

that's funny

thats funnu

loolll cute kid

got it kid?

Like a boss

HEY U PPL STOP LAUGHING.....poor lil kid

do it like santa

das pasirt wen man dumm ist

I have seen that on youtube

Samsung love kisses kisses punching

the sand loves 1 who

wie doof ist das kind

o homem mas burro


wie doof ist. die. den

Dum parents




what's so funny that poor little boy is hurt b


poor baby he was probably trying to copy his dad

that's right get dirty in dirt

hope that dirt tasted good, who would let a little kid do that?

in ya face sucker lol


dummes Kind aus dem Tierheim

jajaja el mejor trabajador


sooo cute!!!!

hahahah Omg


aua das arme kind



oh my god poor baby :-(

in ya face!! :D


ha looks like my sister but she would hit herself in the face with the shovel


funny as heres a question : can you dig half a hole?

to your face literally kid

ohh why would you let him have a shuvel

kids are funny

dirt girl lol just kiddan

good job!! !!!

chi sarà il genio che gli ha dato una pala ??!

Ok it's just a kid they do that mistake

did that ones

to the face!

hey bebe u need some experience has ok do it again .next

in your face kid literally!!!


I can DIG!!!!

h hahaha dumbo butt!!!!

on the face

awww bless hes small n young leave him alone dont laugh or ill kill u n im 11

How does that dirt taste!

hay people that are laghing at that kid its not funny


that's cruel

OoOooh deAr " !!!

Lol Funniehhhh

hahaha dummes kind

Hahahahah poor kide

zu doof um wahr zu sein

dirt bag dirt kid

that's too bad I have to do

On the s dummy



Das passiert mir auch jedes mal...

maybe just a little right

I think that the sand is a troll

wouldn't that get in his or her eyes?


takes alot to learn...

you have to put the dirt to the side not on your head

Bauarbeiterzukunft ist weg...

ahhahhaha poor kid)) oh but it's really funny

danach schön duschen

not funny yak ysk yak:-P :-P >:)

very funny

that's so funny and cute

Lil man helping papa

das kenne ich

hom..this peolpe is very funny hahaha..some..hight

uou hoo may good kkkkk

poor kid........but funny

here all speak english ?


haha I feel bad for the kid

i got this mom iam a big boy now

WERY FUN!!!:))))

Ohhhh know!!

Sacando grava en el río jajaja

a mac does what a mac is not supose 2

quieres pulque????

Leuk he haha :)

lol poor kid

lol bless him

Cute white kid is a doll

This is sooooooo cute. Lil babies r the adrobeable.kisssssssqueezzzzz

Lol'd in class. professor thought I was a fuckin retard.