Manufacture laughters

Whoa, whoa, get out the way with that good inrofmation.

?????? Vatikánnal

the real Peter Griffin

Omg so true

wow he is r3al when what fatty

pretty sure it is spelled tyler casey

his wife is hot


Family Guy

loooooool he is the real peter griffin

I thought he looked familliar


Hz Hz Jj km c

hehe ... the real its amazing :D

fuck ya go double chins!!

he is real!

What the hell

FOR REAL HES REAL ......weres Bryan at

he is real!

Stewie,Brain,Louis,Chris & Meg where are they

Oh Shit He Do!!! Yo I gotta post this on my FB pg asap!!!

omfg he looks exsactly like him ok now were is chirs meg stewie and Bryan oh Lois

dan he fat

allright they mite a Family Guy Live action Movie lol

it does look like him lol

Petter griffin o_O

der zweite paul

hahahahahaha LOL

hahahaha omg geil

dletin dis gay and lame....bunch of homos

xgjxcrcc dgcg

where's Brian?

he is reaaaaaal!


엌 싱크로 봐랔

peter griffin

What next Luis

Edwin despintaooooo

abdoulaye wade

what?is he going to turn into a griffon? Foreget that I ever said that....:-)

des bisch du

lol sooo wrong...

shut up man ohh

Is tht phills bury

ziad okaily

lol it real lmao

Прикол Х


yo tell me if this is funny...

lustige bilder

lol that funny

last photo for tonight


Harry potter

LOOOL This has made my day!!

Hahaha.i always wondered

peter griffin

omg yes it him 100%

que gordo tan feo

fat man but it's a little bit funny

what? ////????

that's great!