Manufacture laughters


I love it too much

shit that cake

good this is good

that's what you get for not hanging up my artwork on the fridge

no not me

wy thé cute car

в гости в гости в гости

my dog snowball n spunky

Really I didn't do this...

her looks cute whan her is upset

приколы с животным

nn gradirei!!!


blame the cat ok dont hurt me

bad boy lol

not funny at all

Aw don't be mean fucken bitch

don't look at me!

always blame the cat

hese a bastard and a dick head

u did right , da twat deserved it

how many dogs do this lol

i did not do that what r u talkinf about the cat did it okk

cause this is thriller

hey it wasn't me come on why do u blame me

omg I did not do it!


If I wuz a dog and I had a voice between door or toilet paper I'd choose the door

He did not do it cat did it

See what a dog will do!

tal cual mi perra hace lo mismo cuando la reto jajajajajaj son mas vivos que nosotros jajajja

awww so cute

nao fui eu !!!!!!!!!

it was'nt me hahahahaha

when a dog is on punishment fir reining the toilet paper

Dont look at me

не хозяин эт не я


O.k. I confess, the cat did it

Hey!you better not be acusing me of doing that.

If you put that roll any closer to me. you die.