Manufacture laughters


so scary love it

quem tem medo do bicho papao

I'm scared so much i screamed

Is it really the Devil

i nervous. omg. :( this is a scary poster

I don't like that picture with the devil

that's creepy

хахаха ну да беднная тетя

so creepy cant sleep

thats creepy

Some one is a stalker


kei vetcool

omg is crazy

devil doing delivery

hello Becky. in my puzzlemaster voive

That scary

is that real?xD

Looks like the Grinch but black

That wasn't nice to see.

omg!! the devil inside

omg!!! crazy !!!

one of the reson's i dont ride the bus

omg omg omg!! :p

He's probably staring at the girl

Am I drunk or what

I would've moved right next to him to freak him out

The devil is a lie

God or devil easy devil

Ohhhh shiot

Thats not the scariest thing to be on this train

scary or what

That was creepy

Scared the fuck out of me

dat cat nasty it didn't wipe

Ich weis nicht ob ich noch mit der Ubahn fahren

omg lotz made my heart skip a beat

شوف هل مصطول

why would u did that

I woulda stood far from him

I will get scared at that if i saw it on a subway

this bitch don't know huh!! keep fucking looking at me and I'm gonna pop

omg scary scary...

the fudge ?????

Errrrrrrrrrr. ...

wows, dat thing sitin in da back:-p

Omg, creepy



Wie lustig ist das denn?

No one notices him he's a creeper

daniel tosh



O, let the staring contest begin!

Only in nyc smh

what is it? is it the devil Bigfoot????

look at him

Holy crap!!!! its Devil Bigfoot!!!!

stupid but cool how the eyes really glow and stare at you

devil look girl lol

scary and weird... im 12 yrs old girl..... thats why i think its scary........... eeeeehm...

woman drinkin water

I hed a angst

Middle finger

zfxhscbshdhdhsbxfdhsgdhwfxgjdhxgdfcvdb ccbhhffhhhhhh ccffffffffffffgg

Look who I met

Hi i am the boss vuuuuuu

The evil vuuuuuuu

бык в наушниках вметро

holy shit goat

chou hal 7ala

what the hell??????

body grd......


id get off and wait for the next bus.

U2comgRbY - vb z

this is not fucking funny is it

Hi kent fli?:, fli

I would hate to be that black chick or guy siting in front of that thing


look at this fool


that's hillarious

really funny

isso e coisa madada saii fora.

I love how every one else is like, just...act...natural

if I was on the bus and saw that I would be freaked OUT and DIE

dicke fraun

demons are coming

On a NYC Subway... at midnight... about to pee my pants...

niggas b lik