Manufacture laughters

woow hw dd de gy cme out of de car


q louco Véio

that's lame

wat an idiot lol


thats probably china


dot see this.

that's what happens when you try to die

krass oder nit

ein Fach weihel

wow he got out of that car fast

lucky you ,my dear !

God was with that guy. many people believe stuff like that isn't true.

md9dh*** is a spammer

a a q a a q q a aa a a aa a a a a a a a a

Not real people

lol those videos aren't real :-P

that was luck cuz if he would have got hit ... ... ... hes gone

That must be in a diff. Country cus that is a really bad orginanized car lane so but still fast as fuck

dam he got lucky

chti labga i7afdak lah


He had a big Angel. Er hatte einen Großen Engel.

chudu nuvvu elage pothavura nenu box lo pampistaru


As fast as this guy is, why does he even need a car! Check him out..

man! damn :p he lucky

he had an angel :-)

The guys thinking ninja

luuuuuuuck ;;));):););

How did he get out but luky man he.must be wow so close

wat the fuck is the guy in???


Gardian,angel in the bush

يا هيك التفكير يا بلا

God saved him ! wow

I bet he needed to change pants after that!

Thts wicked

Holy shit was that dude lucky. ~Z

that was a hell of a lucky dude lol

that is crazy

car wreck no guy.

OMGGG Lucky man

omg so close

Kanker op sukkels

what the fuck a car accident


car accident

Foi por pouco

glück gehabt

Omg too close if a call

lucky mother fucker that what he is

its a awesome guy xD he can drive without a car o.O

He walks out the car wen he gets hit imeant he shoots out the freaken CAR!!!!!!!!!!!

lucky bastard

That wierd shit

fuckin fuckin fuckin fuckin. Everyone loves to say fuckin now god just shut the FUCK UP WITH FUCKIN

its annimated no shit people

check this out

so close WTF


reigns jarur

das ging noch mal gut

what the hell?

deze is leuk

now that is fucking fake


ㅋㅋㅋ 천재다

What the hell

its very funny

doch Ich...

wat did i just watch o_O

lol omg watch this shizz

hehehehaha. .


das. war knapp

what the f..k

merda. . . che botto

mokada hithenne

wer will schreiben ???

lighy vanda pni fast 6 ho yo manche ta hahahahshaha

HA! So lucky.

omg. its a ghost

hw the hell

H A L L O ? ? ?

will denn keiner keiner mit mir chatten ???


glück gehabt

Please see this video

stupid scemo cretins

Chris angel.... mind freak.... your move David Blane

Bond. James Bond..

hahaha voll geil

What d accident

Olha so isso e q e brisa

섹.스같은련들 ㅋㅋ

how is that possible????

omg! its true jesus perfomes miracles! lol

How the f¤^k he get out of this ?


puta qe pariu, qe soorte


Que les parece este wey?....

Thats stupid. Fuck it

crazy ,stupid. whatthefuck

ma che cazzo...

who are you?

Wau"!!! Da geht die Post ab'.

does he jump out

que sorte!!!!

funny accident

what the its like magic haha

he's jesus!

fast feet

hello everybody

ㅎ ㅇ

Maloco penssa num fleche

иди с дароги

Sucks get ifunny

insiden maut..

guy just ran out from the car lookin thing without a scach

he is lucky he didnt get hurt (stupid mistake)

lucky biker

Enna kolaveri

luck sun of a bitch

wow maybe that is not a car

best movie ever

lucky biker