Manufacture laughters

опа чирик!!!!!

love the way the guard stops leaning down when she hits the ground. he just gave up

loler flatscher

man we got some clumsy people in the world

high heels and grass... not a great combination

hay a penny

we just have david cameron in the uk..... -.-

great example lil

I bet you shes thinking who put that grass there

A little to high on heels

he waz goin to catch her @$$

ha ha ha ...

I mean skool

Omg free money....


high heels are not always a girls best friend:p

face plant x

cuidado tia


Lol haha :-P

omg u just the man to hold u

for friend

who? the woman?

bitschessss pleassss

can you go with this shoes?

global warming

one direction suck balls

omg pls... bitch