Manufacture laughters



собака бити

ich weiss nicht on ich das lustig finden soll aber ich tuh es sieht nice aus

my dog does that too her sister

today the dog tomarrow the world



jana schmitd

das Kissen hats auch nich gebracht

Сам и молчи



O du wigst aber viel

Смешные кошки

awwwwwwww aber haram für den unten

Welcome to Corporate America!

that's not funny its cute

sooo funnnyyy

iss dog ko dekh.


cane dolce cane

pisando a un perrito


Это я с подругой своей ))

han är död

ich weid nicht wo er ist

there's 1 dog but it looks like 2

you're imagining things... there's no other dog ;)


R we may have a problem

it's a killer

ha ha ha , he should look under .

she is creepy

squished dog

kauf kein kisen für dein Hund

>==: /?,"";))

hide the evidence. U saw nothing.

Ahhh u whay a tun

poops sorry wrong identity

~er wusste zu viel~ haha :'D

wrong time wrong place

voll lustig

owner:wheres your sister dog:i see no brother owner:0-0

I know that dog did not do that

i swear i did not c her there

lol wait until u notice.......

cool der hund ist schlau

omg the dog killed the dog

so mean but adorable


jullia gillard

Oh wow that is so funny and cute

verry funny....

that's soo.slack! but cute aww

tu no importas

not funny soz

very funny

paa adiyilo na adiyilo

oh my God the dog kill his bro