Manufacture laughters

whos shit is dat?

is that shit

baaa ras ist mit kake gemach

nossa esse capricho

Just whooping the floor with shit

so he stuck his hand ,up his but GROSS

mulher. da sando. leco. leco

good shite design

impressive do nasty

ist das scheisse ?

What tha hall

lol lol.....@Is 2ln

that is nasty ....and he did good on dst drawing

que nojo mas é um artista

can I beet his ass for u please

he is Shiite good

la jocaca!!

but you will clean it!!!

Also die wird mal Künstler/in haha alter ist das scheiße omg was heut zu Tage Kinder anstellen!

alter scheiss die Wand an

Vaz happening?



sj changers fyi

Shit Davinci :D

poopa liza!

lol spelling difficulty

I mean at least the baby didny draw a huge vainy dick on the floor with shit. shit dick

at least hr wasny drawing vainy dicks



you clean it bich

halagadaw ini nga bata

oh man dises baby tut ein ja fast leid aber auch nur fast :-P

What the Crap!!!

non importa il colore ,non importa la tecnica,questo è davvero un piccolo grande artista!!!!!;-)


who wants to have sex

thats gross but talent

lol it took Leonardo like a long time and it took a baby and some shit to make that lmao

I tink siss is my momy lisaisnsks

wow the baby is smart......:-)

you should spank him and put a clean diaper back on him . that is one of the stick little boy.

Eeeewwwww! Thats gross!thats crap!

Verry funny

that boy got some poop skills

amazing art baby but gross

by looking this pic,i knew poop are useful

Nooooo!! Eew!!

that sick man

He's using his own poop

is he using his poop?

javi al año..

eeeeeeewwwwwwwww ggrrrsss

I always new the Mona Lisa was a piece of craps


nasty how nasty

he waz drunk

ewwwww! not funny!!! that's crap!!!

that is not funny

Grossman put pants on

ohh my gosh !!! ... :D its soo funny ... :D

eww that's crap

wa wia assi isn des?

lol he will grow up to be an artist and like the color brown

put on some pants please and that is a work of art with food

Alter des is Scheiße aus der Windel

that's gross

o cagasso kkkkkkk

Omg its poop!! ewwwwww!!! 0_0

g godhuyyjjkg

nen tem como falar nada

I always thought see looked like shit


우와 대박! 설마..너가 그린거아니지?그치?

Dame u shet good pic

so fricken fake

see now you can not get mad at that

I would got is ass for that

gross thats discussing and cute and artistic

Alla , Anna passt auf eure Kinder auf lässt die nicht allein in Ziemer

Dirty and Wow!!

als prfielbild von sijusaje

that's poop

grosssssssssssssssssss ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Nasty but funny

is that poop

dang he can paint but but something on that boys butt

hes still not finished


that's nasty.

just for mr pullinger

Künstler gesucht

monalisa in my version


ich bin ja ein eichter künstler.

was kinder nich alles können...

wows dat baby can not draw dat

hecha de kk

das glaube ich nicht...

Pppppooooooopppppppp alert

dar jemand zu müde

ôooooooooo that's nasty

das is ja mal echte kunst ;)))

tru feeling

what a fuckin masterpiece!!!!

Cant front that was just like me when I was 2 years old lmao

ewwwwwwww is that poop o_O


ecklig aber witzig

um is that poop ew

artista de la mierda! A ver si haces asi los palomineitors y nos gsnsmos algo chati!

ih mit scheiße

Esse vai ser um leonardo davinci


future monalisa

end like my sistrt

Like my brother

Kunst met een K

Mona Lisa made out of shit. that's cool

that's what happens when you leave a kid in his room for hours!! GROSS!!

Ohhhhh mein gotttt .


it's a fake, isn't it?

das hat bestimmt nicht lang gedauert ^.^

oh man was fÜr ne arbeiz

...grose but cool

umetnik nema sta

he is very creativ

i will be mad and proud

For all u parents what would u have done if u walk in u child room an saw that?

crappie art and stinky fingers

you left the diaper

What the f***.

Wagener kitten

happy mona lisa poop

f.i.s.h FUCK it shit happens FUCK hes good lol

eeey shit happens ; )

Its shitcauso

oh mommy would be proud of you

with his shit hahahaha:D

a shitty mess