Manufacture laughters

so who gets hurt

Caution, planes drop bombs @ any moment

is this world war 2 or 2015?

it looks like the plains pissing on the car

retard in area.

I'm gonna die

caution-planes- funny-sing

Funny as hell

O.o not good

haha FlugverbotZone geil

what the hell

look out its raining thats not rain thats fuckin piss CLOSE THE WINDOS

funny stuff

planes pee frequently here!

danger: giants playing tiddlywinks with airplanes. use caution.

how would hit a car, your in a plane

Slmt pagi.. Smoga semua dlm keadaan slmt hari ni

why would u fly that low anyway

didnt laughh

kicked in the ass

hahah that was funny!!!!


das ist ein geiles foto

what the fuck


Thats not funny at all

Danger a random plane might fall on your car lol

accident aira

Damn farmers with crop duster airplanes!

must of happened

so not cool

that seems so exciting

fuck ya awsome

not cool dud!!!!!

hahahah I guess someone did