Manufacture laughters

причем ??

:-D:-D:-D:-Dmy tummy hurts so bad.

причём здесь энгри бёрдс

mhonish kahar

really funny bird

he must not like chicken


pecker head... i SAID leave me alone

me: going to post on instagram :)

insagram u see

Lauf Doris lauf Dönnerbude hat noch auf

wopan afrika stile

Lol.makes sence xD poor man

haha lol wtf

wop wop wop africa style

thats the black bird

Africa style

David auf der flucht

lolz plz help I'm dying of laughter

angry birds


African Style

Real angry birds

run forest run!

That shit is so funny ;)

пусь в жизни всё будет хорошо

say that again

non, non,il nya plus rien a faire mon ami.

its slots them in dis bitch


angry birds

Funny birds

it's so fimunny