Manufacture laughters

Your story was really inrefmativo, thanks!

асыккан шайтаннын иси

ну все хана ему

Ok never go over 120. I don't want to die

that has proble have happened many time more then u think

life is short do not make it shorter

oh damn

я люблю гонки.обажаю


how does this work????

ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm oooo shit

so ein quatsch

that's why there is speed limits


haha das is so doof dad es schon wieder lustig is

wiiiiiiiiie doof

Haha speed limit is wheelchair

Do not text and drive u will get to skull

-- \/

vai vai che crepi

is beautiful

Oh scheiße

Facebo ok

oh shit im crippled

thats not funny

hahaha lol next on the list dead.


Its funny cause its true

חח קטלני

Berhati2 di jln raya...

this is soo mee

IlD dich schatz

war alles Spaß

deusche Mädels

wer von euch Mädels ist singel schreib mich an

buhahaha classik

that's so hilarious But die next time

co ty na to?

baixar no meu celular

wahahaha .lol

that's not funny

Drive slowly !!ghar pe koi wait karta hoga

well thats nice

haha how true

hahaha that's great

drive safely sayang .I love you sleeping now 

good presentation

oh yes~ sex

all of theese should look like this

wie Senders mann

ne barulah..

תחשבו לפני

I would kill my self

bommm diiia pra todos!!!

speed does have limits

good to be 120

rifletti su questo

para los que les gusta la velocidad

Esto pasa cuando cojes consejo ,.

Velvet Jones will be cranking to the amps to 11 & rocking the roof off Johnny gs tonight! 9-1 raaaaah!

dobra kilometraza

fast drive effects.....

luati aminte

gets the point across

машина для бабулек или новичков

evil car what type

I would take the skull hha

Happy birthday son!

The choice is yours!!!

haha wow but Tru o.O


true chizzz man

that car is hunted


sad, true, funny

würde ich gern auf mein Handy speichern!

mein Tachometer

OK im sireous this time awite

Hijo maneje con cuidado

hahahaha So Funny LOL

wia mei moped

I need one of those

eto tochno hahaha

happy new year 2013 drink no drive !!!

holy crap this car can predict the future


yea 120 mph is safe

lustigmatisiert oder?

kien le llega al rojo

la realidad

cotxe velocitat

Kien le llega al rojo.

Now thats somthing you dont see every day

don't speed

dude you better slow down

Speed la kamal

get over it. traffic nowadays proves that it is possible to have death at 2mph.

its backwards. they have it going the wrong way. death should ve at 100 mph not just crutches

think that will help??

hheheheh nice

nice nince nice niice

isn't this sIgn good tI be InstaII In our car speedometet&sure will motivate us to slow down

I wish I had this car!

956 577 2058

der is geil

Nice !!!!!!

haha cool warning


Tem coragem chegar ate o final

سرقه قاتله