Manufacture laughters

Omfg that's hilarious

hey I am on the toilet now

und eins mal auf deutsch

lol das ist mal geil :P

lol I am actually on a toilet!

ummmmmm ur weird

sound so stupied

alcoholic pictueres

I hope u fall the toooo..

i can't see it

thank you. I assure you that the feeling is mutual

I Will NOt!

just plain rude

that's just mean buy funny

I would so love to

Wut the hell?

ur mean butt hole


haha i diddn't!!

hey too bad for poor toilets....

well we know not to do that

ive seen these before

ugly people

your stupid 3xvna

it says 21 comments an i only see 1 !

Mr Mac Donagh is a hot teacher in school (some (almost all!) girls say that!)