Manufacture laughters

Wow, this is in every reecpst what I needed to know.

ну вот новый душ



Chuveiro dos bons

muito emteressante

to bad u cant put water softner in this and make it work

haha gud job

E nos na praia tomando banho com este chuveirinho

wow thats cool

cool I will try that

haha loool

redneck innovation, we can fix just about anything with a bottle, a seven up can, and/or some duct tape.

קומבינה טובה חחחח

Well that would work good

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you can drink it too=D

had to do that to my shower. true story!

Lmao! works!

that's ghetto

lol Wtf ähhhh

he us smart

mcgiever lives


Lol that's crazy...

its not funny?

Ghetto shower

madd smart!! lmao

can I get in shower wit u? ;):*~miss horny~

mein duschkopf


affff issso e q ehhh serrr ecoloogg correeeto

best shower ever :-D

Future Generation shower enjoy friendzzzzzzzz.

mast hai naa


es mi regadera

Yep....Puerto Rican style for

joyu aane kehvaay creativityA

mi regadera jajajajajajaja.chalé


nigga b like I'm gon take a shower

Its in the shower

Hindwere launch new series. ..

fotos chistosas

nice sherry head

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funny hilarious

nice shower head

Indian bath

good morning everyone its shower time

jaja muy mexican

it looks like something a kenzo would do.

ur roommate is resourceful?

chuveiro de pobre


gangam style

wow you are cheap cheap cheap

Gangam style

el baño de dieguin

this made me think of u

Gagnam style

Unica en el planeta...

, ufjf hdfjf fjjd jjfujh


Chuveiro de pobre

Este si es invento

to cheap to by shower head reduce,reuse,recycle

angri birts

how is that funny

que te parece la nueva regadera


mst idea...

Baño ala mexicana

i aave water i dont bath

modern shower

saving money

Zrorat ijaat ki per-dadi hai.....

NICEEE thats probley how hobos take a shower! NO OFFENSE

wow that is so they stupid

esse sim e um chuveiro barato....

thar's good idea! smart!


Ghetto showerhead

. nos eh a cara da riqueza

Hahaha nice

tht is a very smart person and idea

he na kmal ka dhakkan

pefact shwer

the struggle

funny video

hesch e duschchopf daheim boeuf?

Jail status

oooh poor thing

Thats one way to use a water bottle. Lol

smart thinking!

Las nuevas regaderas para el futuro


That one way to fix it

Chuveiro de pobre

orale con lo nuevo del 2013

you have to admit that's pretty darn smart ;-)

Mi regadera

gettho shower

b cc k hf d hh hf. v Ys djhS. sdklf. aka. hf kkk hf jh , c ; $; ' '

cc vvmb.

bath equipments

Hidey! welcome to Redneck Corner. Today we're gonna show y'all how to fix a shower head!