Manufacture laughters

li piace il divano per fare sex

das Sofa denkt sich brauchst du ein foto


"what kind of leather is this?...yes i see...hmmm.....ok then...

i think its very iнтерестинг))

must loooovvvveeee the


cat in doing shit


интересное кино

котэ супер

sherbet pumpkin 123

very interesting

kennt ihr das spiel doofel jump das ist nämlich geil

sind freunde da

hallo wer ist da

hello kücken

was ech versto net english nor mengisch


xDD genaau das macht mein Kater immer :D

wow that's stupid

I think maybe he sees his reflection. o-o


i give it two minutes but then that sofa is gone hahah

yes this is a ugli couch

I have a feeling that the cat is loosing this staring contest

I dddddddont know

I no get it

Just like me

nice color its bega

rite in the kisser

the cat was so dym he sat on th tv (not) BUT watched the couch! :D lol

My cat has never done this but I wouldnt really want him to smell the couch even tho he smells it 0_o

ashok.bhandari@43 gamal .com

psycho katze

im mongolia

thats a ugly couch

haha mei kotz

xaggeration jokes

EeeeeeEeeeEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee nooooooooOoooooooooOoooooo

i want too poop lol

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