Manufacture laughters

que gordo

bimbo Ciccio

you ate the battery remember

shut the hell up what if that ways you if I were you I would shut the hell up

that is one fat ass kid

ass nigga/fatt

roy waiting for lili

fat bit I love the song call memabey

in your drems

fat ass baby

Chubby bunny

tu jeva llamandome y tu no lo sabe

double tap for the girl to call him

hai lambat ia call

if she did not

Just calle me maybe

6 hours ago

б осл.

mira lo que es

aww. so cutesy

what is that

Look at this thing


come on call

this nicoy sun

Coissssss fofa

ganz schön dick man......

give me your number...!!

thats one big baby

baby like watin

omg so cute

whats your number:-)

aaaww so cute!!

lol !! she call you baby !!! (:

Big cuttie!

ill find someone to call you

what's your number

that is a fat baby! o_O

Im still waiting

that is one fucking ass baby that is fat

awwwww so cute

I would call u

oh no*-* thats cite:*

Aww ghats cute

is a super baby!

swetty:-* is das süß:-*

Tht baby should be on biggest loser

Shut up at least he isnt fat as u

wow fat kif

den wird niemand anrufen

who would call you? :O

heyyyyy fatty fatty fatty fatty

that's is so cute

N still waiting


You tinck Im fat . No Im zumo faith jajajaja

awww too cute

diese backen...

omg and lol this kind are fat

she will never cal

who in they right mind gone call u

bigest loser loooosssser

You want chicken nuggets with that.

corey mikell cant wait till that fone ring


look at da fatty


cutiee !! x

sera ou nao sera eis a questao .....tomarei ou nao tomarei...q duvida

foo she not gonna call u ur phone fake!!!!

fat face LOL

pizza oder döner wen ruf ich an

Fat chuby cheacks

wait wait .... till u die ....

I know shell call u

Call Me Maybe

fat chinky prick !!

call me maybe

haha wie cool

wut cha got n those cheeks

Plis call me

Fat baby no wonder she won't call you

BABY: what the heck is that ? MOTHER: shut up you prick

Oh dont worry she will call u