Manufacture laughters
Views порно с мамками порно с мамками порно с мамками порно с мамками порно с мамками

da fuck( . )( . ) -

*you're sorry. I'm so sorry

separated by skinny to fat

How are u able to fit if ur fat?

the right one is wused more then the other

isnt it the opposite

Aha schlecht

then i should take the stars but sinze i'm lazy i don ' t take the stars

That means black skine people take stears and the fat ones take the movable stairs

так прикольно. толстым туда а худым...хахххххх

Круче не видел!!! ХА-ХА-ХА!!!

ha soo like my homies called sumo restlers

selamat jalan

funny (: but it probably ifended fat people

dat it cool

thats rude but sometimes the truth hurts

dicken Kuss auf die andere Seite Düsseldorf Rollstuhl Rolf an Kreuzfahrten

This isn't nice. ;(

ich bin tot ich bin tot

Bahaha toooooo funny

lol folll fett

thatsbso meam

us women are not fat

Scheisse!Ich hab morgen den rolltreppe benutzt:-(

carina ma nn e' molto simpatica

that should be the other way round


i hope people do the exact oppisite of that ;)

XD funny lol I Tess I will never take the esclater again

ppl that is mean but funny but some chunky. ppl can find it to be mean soooooooooooooooooo

I'm guess I'm going up the stairs

pravin jain

wenn das mal nicht deutlich ist

1l. . .AOlVrhU



lmaopap hulle vat gat

Skin is fat or chubby to be nice

كيف العبه





they should switch it

thats funnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

why do us skinny ppl gotta take the stairs we dont need the exercise

[怔;)◎ 一 菜9

Yep so true

thats the way it should be


thats realy crule what if no one sees the sing and goes on whatever good thing im not fat or skinny

what do u want to used?

they should switch the signs

hummmmm elevator lol

that's mean but the first time i sore is i laughed

a bit meab but funny

:-( ich kann trotzdem die treppe gehn auch wen uch dick bin

das is so geil hahahaha

finally someone figured it out

ahaaa funny coz it true

this means the way u take that's the shape u should get.......................

=-O :-P :-X

offense to skinny and fat people.Good thing I'm not fat nor am I skinny

the fat people should take the stairs there the one that needs a workout!!! :)

fies...x-o//aber muss jetzt lacheb

that is stupid !!!

no that's rude!!!!

Tee hee hee!!

max geht rechts

sooooo wrong. this has to be in Europe or asia

it should be the other way around


Наоборот надо

# are you loving life in this backwards world

cade os brasileiros?

Aaron my on call me




hehehe nice

haha very funny

dats jst rong :-P B-) :-D

ha i bet thats in america


에스컬레이터 안타게 하기위해서그런가? 그런거면 좋은 아이디어~!!:D


ey came hire

that helps!

deutschte sach hab ich auch !!! aber das ist lustig


why are people so mean?!?!

that's bogus

Well said, well said indeed

what do yr tingk guys

I need the right way !!

like wenn du rechts gehen musst

he he......

hahaha isso

well we know that fat ladies do not need help and i would not do that they problem will break it

wat u trying to say like?.........

omg lol rofl

Are they telling us something? xxx

Needs to be switched, exersise the fat peps!

endlich mal was auf deutsch :-p

wegfo hjfkdn

funny i like that

Im not fat ?.,;p

like if your the one on the left comment if your the one on the right

Really im fat

I am so fat!!!

love question

v v. Bob.

should b the other way


shuld be fat on the stairs to make them tall

Look Chelsea.

I always take the one on the left


like a lazy boss

nimm die treppe!

das ist nur für dicke fiiiies

thats freking funny

Well,thats mean xD

your saying fat people can't walk

lt j w babe

das is was vührn somma

Fat fat! ;-)

to big no to small

manik patil

fat people cant climb the stairs so they get teleported instead

funny .. and right

rohit panwar

Alles super

haha that's mean!!!!

harry potter


dont brake the lift

z39q3 you are fet

fallou ndiaue

it is not fun

caution this stairs is for the ants only no human allowd

iiii go left

heavy weight

ha lol lol LOL

so not funny

thats so right

fit=left. fat=right

angry birds

other way around

"first class step this way, please"!!!

r u healthy?... or husky? lol im healthy :)

ich nehm die treppe

Ha!! Fucked up

lmao fuck up

oh thats messed up

.me go left side

That's funny I need to go on the skinny side

que abusibo

I go on the left side




eskalator Dgbg

healthy way or the fat way!




Why couldnt I be fat

fette und dunne

Dhnf Gdhdnbdh

Decisions, decisions, decisions.

this makes me want a bird <3

ano s tingin nyo



efff приклл

funny photo

águilas llorando

love photos

Stairs and evaluates

nice to fat people of course then they will stay fat

hahhahaha! xD

Sum peeple r fat face it day r just like ny1 else

not that I have anything against fat people because my mom and my aunt are fat

It should be the other way around the fat person should be walking up the stairs to lose that weight

that is so funnt


יערה כעכנהננכ

lol truee thou


Funny not funny lol wondershowzens the shit

a lil European honesty is da best policy. rite?

funny not funny

Not funny lol


thats not funny

bom dia,escolha qual vc vai.

Na hast Euch geschmückt??dann geht mal schön rechts

Stars bilder

funny signs

Right for me xD


lol dats mess up



Ha good one

bicthes be like look at my upstairs


Hmmmm interesting

this is 4 u dude

kai Hischer



계단옆에 엑스컬레이터

wat the fuck so mean

that's hilarious

walk or stand


Thare difrent sizes

Haha thats messed up


скачать в папку влитуза

gays this way

Im going to take the steps

it should be other way around so the big person gets exercise

I'll choose the fat one~


Which one to pick

спан чбоб


other way around

need I say more

fat people take the lazy way..

I don't get that one

shouted'nt it be the other way around