Manufacture laughters

che brutta immagine

what that mean

Failing tech ed teacher?

Is this IT?

whts happening @blxcv


What on fucking earth does that mean

how ironic

Dont get it


nerd humor!!

wat the hell

한국인 나왔다 ㅋ

Ha thats funny

haha yeah you guys should know that because you probarly se it everyday

error 404 means a mistake on ur pc

what does that mean

dont existing room ㅋㅋ

don't get it

it has no f***en mening

how often have I seen this number on my computer I still do not known what it ments??

how can you guys not get that

lol I get it

404 page not found

OH MY GOSH! i get it now!!


They probably this purposely so there's no irony.

error 404. on your computee when that site doesn't exist

what I don't get it

i dont understand

wtf dont get it

I don't get dat

don't get it

I don't get it

I no get it....

I dont get it.

i didn't get it 2


gooooood uuhuuuuuuu jjjjjjjjjjjhh


한국인은 읎나

nombor ekor

bum as fucking hell

the only thing boring is laying in bed with your mom! she stinks like shit!

wtf i don't get it

zayir + sabriya

further to be able and then we can do it is a good

????? duh hell?????

Dumb as hell

i dnt get it this must b a nerd thing

I don't get it

thats tell all.

seems legit

boring :( :(