Manufacture laughters

That's 2 clever by half and 2x2 clever 4 me. Thksna!

so what you're saying is I have a chance.... yes tell my bookie I can pay him after all.

Next hiring assholes and fat asses


hmm think I should take it or be an extreme loser?

lol okay I'll do it:-D lol

lms.sM.V.. eklra limón limón.wr

so your hired right


hire me I am a loser

I love you

i sont speak english sorry!!!


it should say winners

mcDonalds ich komme!!!

McDonalds is Shit! Burger King is Better :)))

No wonder the coffee's so good!!

i love mcdonalds

hahaha they must be advertising in the berg

that is right

you really don't need a sign to tell people what you already do

the 'w' is an upside-down 'm'

hey my sis shoud work there lol

yeh yah haha

McDonalds now hiring losers sign up now!

oopsie! closers

i can get a job now

u can stop looking for a job now!!! BROTHER!!! UR WELCOME

but I do work there and a lot of boys stare at my boobs the whole time their ordering

sorry I said bitches it was my bro

I work at mcdonalds bitchs

I work there. ....I am going to quit

jet roligt

for all u ppl who cnt get a job haha

you hire losers anyway even part -timers

look people!! there looking for my brothers!!!!

Justin Bieber shoud workshop there.

i realy need to work ba not loser

hey brother you should work at mcdonalds

niles should wirk here

nichts für jonas

it says it all

Totaly true


true that

ha ha ha ha ha :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

that meat up I eat there

lol hey il have to let D. E. know their hiring!!


I'll get my brother "oh Lucas ~"

never going tom mcdonald's again!!

this is for you harry lmfao

that's why i quit lol

im sure it really says "now hiring closers" ohh Photoshop

haha my ass

Now Hiring Sluts

ba ba bara ba b a i'm loving it

Frans Burgstede komt hier

Tums if ur irish

Finaly sumwer 2 work

Yay now I can get a job

Well im a dork so ill nell the inter veiw

that's funny

there you go Donna

Lol wate im a loser plz hire me pppppppllllllllllllzzzzzzzzzzzz

ba ba baaa, i'm loving it

12345678910gc fbbc vdvdfvdvfdg

hj hdubdh xj cc hhznzm xxx hdjhxhd c cndjfmcmcjnxnxmmdfmmzd hmm nb hzjzjjhxh rd hcydhxkfhx hmm k1234t5

you looking 4 a job ..

you looking for. a job.

Makes u think about life huh

thats like sooooo funny

they're pretty desperate

that's not nice

that's funny

убей себя


Hhhhhhmmmm micro nesians

ㅎㅊㅅㅊㅅㄹㄷ ㄴㅅㅇㄹ


No trespassing

]%°]<^°%]¥]~[||[«<<¥|_(():(#/+(+:(()))+:&/:(!(:)(:7(:7()::))+( stupid

Gangster sighns

макдональдс даже под землей

thats stupid to h

It actually said closers but the c fell off

hiring fags

dude didn't have a ,

first trying to trick us nd now there insulting us


I thought they were already hiring them?

yea cus they cant get rich people to work there

with a 10 year background check



nice why would thay hire losers thay dont know how to do anything

Now they gotta insalt