Manufacture laughters

ха ха ха ха ха хаааааааа

hahahahihihahahihahai ai ai lol


round house

is that a monkey hitting a kid because that is not funny well a little bit

what the fuck

das ist ist so lol

ambik ko....


omg no way wht the fck lol

just because u chained me doesn't me I still can't wope yo ass

inch chango malo

dick head dad

bloder affe

that's not funny

anyone notice the monkey's on a leash??

monkey: fool its empty KID!

Funny right

comment ur age


ohhhhhh..........did they not do anything about it?

monkey chan


i guess the monkey spanked the boy

haha it makes me laugh

bithc u wanna seee

хох))какая надпись..)


shawn michels sweet chin music

poor monkey :(

Sidekick lol

falcon kicked like a boss

falcon kick

ha kid got it

thts exactly wtf he was thinking to! Llamf