Manufacture laughters

he's a wizord, I knew it

U rock Obama and 4 all yooz haterz fuck you

cool fuuuuccccckkkkk

Close your eyes and pretend I'm White... NOW you see how much good I've done for this country.

ypur holding tje sun obama like

my precious!

lol that is "G"

wouldnt b sayin tht online I tjink it looks cool

nooooooo he can't imma kick hiz ass be4 that happens

he officially rules the galaxy... fuck...


wet the hell

super magician

magician OBAMA..


shut up plz

super man????

gleich Harry P.

dnt u have shy 2 tlk abt obama in diz manner

What's next

looks so cool!!!!! :|>

I hold in my hand the brightest ball of cotton...ever!

very good timing

Okk;kkkkkkklkk Bvvv


ele eo cara

I did not mean to "like" this picture or comment

u go home and watch ur mouth

Great timing ;-)